Frequently asked questions 

  • Can you fly anywhere?

    There are strict rules and regulations laid down by The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as to where it's legal to fly a drone in the UK. Many of the locations are obviously out of bounds such as nuclear power stations, prisons, military installations and so on. It's also sensible to avoid other air users, so we stay well away from airports, heliports, gliding clubs etc.

    We are allowed to fly up to 400 feet above ground level and 500 metres from take off point. It may be possible to operate outside these limits but specific permission would be required from The CAA. We also have to be 50 metres away from people, vehicles, buildings etc. unless we have permission to be closer. Obviously, on a specific flight we would ensure we had those permissions in advance of undertaking the project. Sometimes it may be necessary to film very early in the morning or on a weekend when there is likely to be fewer people/vehicles around.

    The drone we use for filming at ProFly Video weighs under 7kg which means that we don't have to get specific permission from The CAA to fly in certain areas of restricted airspace that larger platforms are required to do. This allows us to undertake projects often at very short notice.

    In every case, we carry out a feasibility study to ensure that the aerial filming project you want can be carried out safely and legally.

  • Can you fly in any weather conditions?

    Unfortunately, we can't fly in rain. Strong winds over about 18mph can also be a problem, although we do have a good camera platform that can produce very stable images and video even when it's windy. We check detailed weather forecasts a few days before each flight and conduct a thorough weather check before take off to ensure we're operating in safe conditions.  Safety, of course, is our main priority and if we have to postpone a job due to bad weather we will endeavour to book you in again as a priority. If we have to cancel the job entirely due to inclement weather (such as a one off event like a wedding) we will provide a full refund of any deposit paid.

  • Can you fly indoors?

    Yes, we can fly indoors, subject to certain constraints. We can fly indoors providing that there is plenty of space and minimal obstructions.

  • How long can you fly for?

     We can fly for about 15 minutes on each battery. We bring batteries fully charged on site and have a mobile charging unit should we need it.

  • How much does our service cost?

    Each job is unique and we always discuss with our clients their requirements. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and we do not compromise on quality.

    As a guide, our prices are as follows:

    Filming & Photography Rates
    • Half day (inc. all pre flight surveys) aerial video or photos from £300
    • Full day (inc. all pre flight surveys) aerial video or photos from £550
    • Editing Packages for fully edited videos available from an additional £150
    • Mileage charged at 40p per mile outside West Yorkshire
    • Accommodation chargeable if overnight stay required
    • Payment terms 14 days
    • Deposit of 30% required to secure booking if project is more than 2 weeks in advance

  • Is Profly Video fully insured?

    Yes, Profly Video is fully insured against third party liability in the sum of £5 million.

  • Is Profly Video licensed and qualified to fly commercially?

    Yes, Profly Video has permissions for aerial work from the CAA. We have been trained by Resource Group’s Unmanned Aviation Services division for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) - commonly known as drones. We have many hours of flying time and experience taking aerial photos and video.

  • What is the range, height and speed of our UAV?

    Our UAV operates to very strict CAA guidelines. The maximum range of our UAV is 500m and must be in line of sight of our crew at all times. The maximum height allowed is 120m (400ft). The speed of our UAV is roughly 30mph.

    These limits and more than adequate for the jobs we work on. We prefer to get as close to the action as possible as we find that this produces the best and most exciting video and photography.

  • Will Profly Video carry out work outside the UK?

    Yes, we are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and abroad. We have a very keen and competitive pricing structure for our work and we will agree the lowest rates possible for flights and accommodation, if needed.