How to increase business with a professional aerial video

by: David Brice on

Any business owner will tell you that it's tough finding the right way to promote a business. With so many ways to advertise it's vital that you get the best value for money possible. One fantastic way of attracting attention to your business is by producing a piece of marketing material that will catch a potential customers eye. Creating a video and then putting it on You Tube is not enough. Spending money on a newspaper or magazine advert can be a waste of money unless you are prepared to advertise regularly to boost brand awareness. Banner advertisements on websites don't work and Google Adwords can be very expensive.

There is no doubt that having a good video promoting your business is a great idea but the video has got to be different with a good chance of going viral on social media. So how does  a business create a video that will get noticed so that it will increase business? Firstly, the video needs to be a professional production and secondly the video should include aerial video if possible. Aerial video creates excitement in the viewer and aerial video shows a different perspective from a unique angle. Take an example of a caravan and camping site. In this case having aerial video shots from above lets the viewer see the campsite from a fabulous perspective so that they can see the size and shape of the caravan site and the size of the pitches as well as the views that the caravan site might have.

Combining aerial video with good quality ground shots of the caravan site facilities means that a potential booker can see all the best of what is on offer. The benefits of the extra bookings easily pay for the cost of the video production in a very short length of time. Profly Video recently completed a video for Naburn Lock Caravan Park in York and the caravan site owners are thrilled with the results. 

The cost of producing a video which includes all the planning, ground shots, aerial video using the latest high tech drone, video editing and music starts from as little as £1250 or you can hire our drone operator from £350 for half a days filming. This really is amazing value for money and would only take a few extra sales before the cost of the video is paid for.

Interested in an aerial video? Call ProFly Video on 07703 307761.

Take a look at the latest ProFly Video production for Naburn Lock Caravan Park below and see for yourself how aerial video could work for any business.

Golf course promotional video's from the air

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Aerial video and photography is a unique way to promote a golf club and golf course. Whether it's an aerial video of each hole to show golf club members and visitors the feautures and challenges of each hole or whether it's just a short promotional video of the best holes and golf club facilities, an aerial video is sure to attract a lot of attention. Video from the air can showcase the best of what a golf course can offer and help promote the course. Aerial video is also very cost effective compared to traditional forms of advertising. A short aerial video of the golf course and club house is more likely to be watched than just a ground based video because it offers a unique perspective of the whole course. Prospective players can see what the course has got to offer and even plan how they will play the course.

Profly Video can create a golf course aerial video from as little as £500. Ground based video, interviews with staff and members and voice overs are also available at very competitive prices. Take a look at this short aerial video that we created for the famous Vale Resort in Wales.

To make an enquiry about a golf club aerial video go to our Contact Us Page.

The Flying Scotsman

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The North Yorks Railway is a fabulous day out at any time but when the famous Flying Scotsman was there recently the railway was buzzing with extra special excitement.

Profly Video managed to get close to The Flying Scotsman as it approached Levisham station and here is the aerial video that we managed to get.

Motocross aerial video at Uncle Eddies

by: David Brice on

In September 2014 we spent a couple of hours filming motocross at Uncle Eddies Motocross track in Doncaster. At the time we just did if for a bit of fun, thinking that the drone would be great for filming the riders from a totally different perspective. It was also a bit of an experiment to see if we could capture the speed and excitement that is all too evident if you've ever seen Motocross close up and personal. When we arrived on site the adrenalin kicks in straight away just with the noise of the engines, the speed, the jumps, along with the element of danger. we would have loved to have had a go but wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds!

We filmed some of the action using the DJI Phantom 2 drone and got some great footage which was posted on YouTube and had thousands of views. Shortly afterwards ProFly Video was born.

As a result of that video a year ago, Profly Video was recently invited back by Eddie Todd from Uncle Eddies to create a new aerial video showcasing the motocross track which Eddie and his team have been constantly improving and upgrading so that it's now one of the best motocross tracks in the country with riders travelling long distances to sample all that it has to offer. At 2,000 metres long is one of the longest in the UK with loads of jumps and banked turns. It attracts riders of all abilities as they have separate sessions for experts, intermediates and juniors. There is also a separate track for young kids...We saw one kid that looked just about old enough to walk and he was brilliant!

We think we got some pretty good close up action of the track and riders and the videos we uploaded to YouTube have had lots of views and positive feedback. Motocross is really popular (it was very busy on the day we went) and Uncle Eddies offers a fantastic day of thrilling motocross riding for only £25 which is great value. Check out their website for more information. Uncle Eddies - Doncaster

We added the obligatory rock music to the footage (it's better than the sound of a quadcopter) and the videos below are the end result.

If any motocross rider wants an individual aerial video ProFly Video can create a stunning video profile of riders in action. Use our contact form on the ProFly Video website to request details.

Drone regulations: What you need to know.

by: David Brice on

Hardly a day goes by without a news story appearing in the press about a drone operator breaking the rules and flying over those places they shouldn't. The drone owner flying over football stadiums is a case in point.

Profly Video is CAA approved to fly commercially and we always stick to the rules. Safety should be the main consideration of all drone pilots.

Here is a summary of the main rules that all drone pilots must comply with regardless of whether you fly commercially or as a hobby. These rules can be found on the CAA website but the mains points are:

If the drone weighs less than 20kg

1. Your drone must be flown safely so that it does not endanger people or property.

2. The aircraft must be kept in line of site. In other words you must be able to see the drone at all times. Line of site normally means 500m from the pilot or a max of 400ft vertically.

3. CAA permission is required if you are being paid for your drone work.

4. You must not fly within 50m of any vessel, vehicle or structure that is not under your control.

5. You must not fly your drone over or within 150m of a congested area.This includes sports grounds and open air gatherings of people.

6. Use your common sense. Think before you fly and do a risk assessment of any hazards that you might encounter whilst flying.

Stick to the rules and you will still have a fun and enjoyable flying experience.

Great aerial video - Our planet is amazing!

by: David Brice on

All drone pilots aspire to take stunning video. We all want to shoot the best locations around the world.

Take a look at this inspiring aerial video to see what can be achieved.

Airbus develops a counter UAV system

by: David Brice on

Airbus develops a counter UAV system

According to an article on the Air Force Technology website Airbus have developed a counter UAV system that is capable of detecting a drone at a distance of 5km to 10km. The system is then able to assess the threat and will allow the jamming signals to block only the relevant frequencies that are used to operate the drone while other frequencies will remain operational. The technology is supposed to have the capability to have a controlled takeover of the UAV.

Airlines take the threat of UAV’s in their airspace very seriously and rightly so, but how accurate are the statistics from airline pilots about so called UAV near misses? From the professional UAV pilots point of view, who comply with strict guidelines such as not flying above 400 ft and not going anywhere near an airport or flying close to the flight path of an airline this might seem like overkill but Airbus probably have other more serious terrorism threats in mind.

The media coverage about the reckless use of drones from hobbyists seems to have reduced over recent weeks but the media still love a drone story. It’s up to all pilots of drones to respect the law and use their common sense about where they fly and respect others.

ProFly Video Launches

by: Stefan Casey on

Profly Video launches

Profly Video is a new aerial video and photography company that offers low cost and high quality aerial imagery using remote controlled aircarft, (drone). 

We use high quality cameras that enable us to create stunning HD video and high quality still images.Our vision is to provide high quality at low cost. We have a history of providing professional videos to the travel and tourism industry and we have now expanded to offer aerial photography and filming.

We have a high quality and very stable camera gimbal that enables us to maintain excellent quality video and still images, even in windy conditions.

Call us to discuss your project and we will be happy to help.

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