Golf course promotional video's from the air

by: David Brice on

Aerial video and photography is a unique way to promote a golf club and golf course. Whether it's an aerial video of each hole to show golf club members and visitors the feautures and challenges of each hole or whether it's just a short promotional video of the best holes and golf club facilities, an aerial video is sure to attract a lot of attention. Video from the air can showcase the best of what a golf course can offer and help promote the course. Aerial video is also very cost effective compared to traditional forms of advertising. A short aerial video of the golf course and club house is more likely to be watched than just a ground based video because it offers a unique perspective of the whole course. Prospective players can see what the course has got to offer and even plan how they will play the course.

Profly Video can create a golf course aerial video from as little as £500. Ground based video, interviews with staff and members and voice overs are also available at very competitive prices. Take a look at this short aerial video that we created for the famous Vale Resort in Wales.

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